We are a Real Estate Company.

Inspired by You

The real estate market is continuously evolving. We do not just adapt to the trend, but we innovate the way we do business, taking into great consideration our company's greatest asset – our people.

Being a Jovi Realty Family member is the best option for realtors like you who would prefer to do business with people and not just computers. We use technology to help us, but we never let machines do business for us.

We strongly believe in people relationships. We value you, your clients, and our employees. Get to experience why our partners choose us and experience for yourself the Jovi Realty difference.

Think Big.
Think outside the box.

Jovi Realty is unconventional, and we are a very dynamic company. We learn from industry best practices and customize processes in line with the Jovi Realty Mission and Vision.

We made franchising easier for you. Just connect with us, and we will do the rest.

Connected anytime, anywhere.

Jovi Realty is about collaboration. We take pride in the relationships we have built over time and our ability to make them grow even more.

We do not just welcome you to our community. You have our support whenever you need it.

“I also went with my gut and felt I would have good teamwork and support here.”

— Varinder Suaan

“I appreciated their personal approach. I wasn’t just another agent on their roster.”

— Vivien Yang

“I am so glad that I went with Jovi Realty, and I am pleased about what Jovi offers”

— Candy Gao

Technology just the way you need it.

In Jovi Realty, we know that traditional methods work. But for us to grow, we merged the old and the new. By using innovative systems and introducing you to our wide connections of realtors and customer support, we make things happen.

We don’t promise; we deliver.

A community that cares

Jovi Realty is not just a business; it is a community. We believe in sustainable transformations, and we want others to dream and aim higher.

A real estate company that listens to your needs

A community who supports each other

Friendly staffs available to assist you in any way you need it

A continually growing company that supports hundreds of listings nationwide

Culturally diverse and multi-lingual organization

A family who is socially responsible

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