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12 Week New Agent Training Program – Road To Success

Start Your Real Estate Career Strong!

Real Estate is a very exciting, promising and very challenging career.

The first phase is registering to be an agent and getting ready for your exam. For many, this is a challenging period since there are a lot of topics that you would need to cover, and most of them would totally be new concepts.

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Once you pass your exam, it’s time to choose the brokerage that you will work with. And that’s when you need to consider the best option for you.

Which Brokerage Is Best For You?

Since you are just starting your career, it is not easy to choose the best brokerage, when you even are not sure which are the main criteria.

Some would start to go for the most well-known brokerages, hoping it will help them build their business, some go for the cheapest offers.

However, actually, there are other criteria to look at.

The single most important reason for a new agent to choose its brokerage is the level of support you can get from your company and the managing broker. This includes communication and interaction with the executive team and most importantly, getting the best internal training as an inexperienced agent!

12-Week Intensive Training Program

Jovi Realty is aware of the fact that, although you studied and passed your exam, in practice you have a lot to learn for practicing your profession.

Jovi Realty’s 12-Week Training program covers most of the topics that you will need during the course of your daily practice.

The topics include:

  • Working with buyers(the total buying process),

  • Working with sellers(how to list and market property),

  • Using tech platforms to run your business such as customer relations management systems (CRM),

  • Creating leads using different techniques and platforms

  • Using social media and other marketing services to grow your business,

  • Tips and tricks form experts that you would only learn by many years of experience.

  • and many more…

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Jovi Realty New Agent Offers

Jovi offers the most affordable fees in the market both in terms of desk fees and the commission share programs.

On top of offering the best fees, the Jovi team also supports the growth of your business with support programs in commercial real estate, property management, strata management, land assembly and more.

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We Are Here to Help!

The market’s response to the current pandemic and the economic outlook will be critical to predicting the trend. Therefore, we advise you to get in touch with our experts and follow up with the market trends more closely with our realtors’ help.

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