ResidentialMarch 10, 2021

5 Top Benefits of Selling & Buying Your Home Off-Market

An off-market sale is a usual term in real estate, which means that a property is selling without any public advertising and not listed in the MLS. Usually, in an off-market, the sale is more important than the sold price, which benefits the seller if they require quick disposal of a property and also the buyer because of the less exposure and competition for the property that they want.

There are advantages for the buyer or the property seller in an off-market situation, and we are going to discuss the top 5 reasons for this kind of scenario.

1. Faster sale

Let's face it. Selling off-market will not achieve the maximum price but is often the way to go if you want quick disposal of that property. Usually, the off-market sale means that the owner is presented with an acceptable offer but has decided not to promote it.

For the interested buyer, this is also beneficial because this is an immediate sale. Most often than not, the buyer gets off-market property because of the non-existing competition.

2. Privacy for both parties

The anonymity of selling off-market is attractive for anyone with a high profile or if the seller wants to keep the reason for the sale confidential. Keeping the deal out of the public's eye is valuable to keep the news away from your tricky family and neighbors. Other reasons might cause a property to be sold off-market, like in the cases of marriage or relationship breakdowns, financial reasons, or even deceased estates. These are the common reasons, but it can also be as simple as going through employment changes that would require immediate relocation. Simply put, the off-market sale helps you deal with other personal issues you have aside from selling a property.

3. Ease in Negotiations

The condition for both the buyer and the seller in an off-market sale encourages reasonable and more flexible negotiations. By eliminating the pressure off the table, the parties can agree on a considerable contract that might be impossible in an open market. This kind of sale is a win-win situation for both parties.

4. Room for Improvement

Staging an open house for a 15-year old home would require many renovations and redecorations to attract potential buyers. For the property owner, this means that they need to spend more to sell a property, which piles up to the property's selling price. On the other side, if a potential buyer didn't like the newly-renovated patio or would like to convert the third bedroom into a walk-in closet, then the buyer would need to renovate again a just renovated house. An off-market house saves both parties' time and money as it does not require a logistically challenging open house or even renovations that the future homeowner would find unnecessary.

5. Avoiding the jungle

A market, mainly the real estate market, is a hunt or be hunted environment. As a newbie seller or buyer, you will easily get lost if you are not knowledgeable enough about laws, regulations, and procedures in making a sale. Listing a property and advertising them sure has its bells and whistles, but some people would just like to skip all of those. Relationships are vital in buying or selling off-market. A real estate agent is still the key to get these off-market deals since they are the ones who know the property owners. If you also own a property, it's beneficial to build relationships with your trusted agents even when you do not want your property listed yet. A good deal might come your way, and having these relationships will bear fruit sooner or later.