ResidentialFebruary 16, 2021

Yuki Lu

Meet our newest team member Yuki Lu. We welcomed Yuki to a young and energetic team of JOVI realtors in March 2020. We asked her about her story, join us and learn more about her.

Can You Tell Us About Yourself?

I am 28, married with 2 kids.  Before real estate, I used to work for Chanel as a beauty advisor. After two kids it was not possible for me to work on a fixed schedule, I wanted to be flexible.

You Are a Very Young Mother, How Does It Affect Your Life?

I like being active and I am happy working for my career. But after the kids, it was not easy to continue a fixed schedule job. As a mother of two babies, you could barely sleep. So I decided to do real estate. I booked my exam and worked very hard, all in just about two months. Real estate is a very flexible job and I can manage my time between kids and my work hours.

Real Estate is Running Your Own Business. Did You Have Any Previous Experience?

Yes, I used to have a flower shop which I ran for about two years with my partner. We started from scratch and it became a successful business. There are many things I learned from that experience that will help me in growing my real estate business. Like marketing your business, for example. Focusing on your marketing activities is a very important aspect of business success.

How Did You Meet and Choose Jovi Realty?

After I had my licence I began looking for a brokerage to work with. I have heard Jovi before, I know they are very active in the Richmond area as well, the city I live in. So I decided to learn more about Jovi. I met John and I was very surprised by how well established the company was. Very energetic, very supportive, and business-focused. Pretty much all I was looking for at the moment. I am confident to grow my business with Jovi’s support.

What Do You Do On Your Free Time?

Well, I hardly have free time these days due to two babies but I love travelling and shopping very much.

I can still find time to shop of course but I will need to wait a little more before I start travelling. I have been al lot to countries like Bali, Singapore, Maldives, Italy and so on, and I am looking forward to travelling more in a year or two.

Thank you very much, Yuki. Welcome to JOVI family again and we wish you the best!

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