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Pass Your Real Estate Exam On Your First Attempt With FREE Course

How to Be A Real Estate Agent the Easiest Way?

Real estate is a critical industry in Canada and B.C.

Being a realtor is a promising career where, with a good focus on the business, you can reach a fair amount of income.

Becoming a realtor is not easy, though. You will need to get prepared a difficult exam where you need to learn many new topics, complete a practicum, and you should get familiar with many technical issues and practices.

You may read more on the steps you need to take on becoming a realtor in B.C. on our blog post.

Real Estate Exam

The real estate exam is the most important and the most challenging step in becoming a realtor.

You have to pass an exam where you need 70 correct answers out of 100 questions. And the topics covered are most likely to be pretty new to you.

If you got business management or related education, there might be topics that you may be familiar with, like financial statements, marketing and similar. However, many subjects are specifically real estate focused.

These are rules, regulations, organizations regarding real estate, mortgage types and mortgage calculations, building schemes, construction materials and so on.

You would need a lot of time to do the necessary reading and working on questions to get prepared to be successful. Timewise, you would probably need many months for the preparation.

If you fail on your exam, you will be able to get the next exam after three months at the earliest. And if you fail two times, then you will have to re-register the program, do all the preparations once again from the beginning.

FREE Real Estate Exam Preparation

Based on the necessity to get well prepared and ideally pass your exam on your first trial, it is a great help to get professional support. Some courses may get you prepared for the exam, but the cost is relatively high.

JOVI Realty has started a special program to help the real estate agent candidates. Now, you can get a FREE 6-week course and pass your Real Estate exam at your first attempt. 

All you need to do is to get the course, pass your exam and start working with JOVI Realty as your brokerage. We will then reimburse your program fee so that your preparation program will be free for you—that easy.

Time Means Money

In the real estate business, time is crucial, and the earlier you get started with your practice, the earlier you will start getting results. Don’t let the fear of failure or intense preparation period to stop you. You can get started in a matter of days, and your new career will begin.

Learning the basics of the business will be the most significant help for you in your professional career.

Let Us Help

Contact us today to learn more about the program and make a strong start to your new career.

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