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Elevate your real estate career with Jovi Realty, where every agent is empowered to achieve more. 

We're not just any other Vancouver brokerage; we're about empowering your journey to more deals and greater success.

  • Revenue Sharing Program

  • Commercial Real Estate Training 

  • Exclusive Presale Access & Assignments

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Get in touch today and harness the full portfolio of Jovi's resources to take your real estate career to new heights in 2024.

Build Wealth, Build Dreams with Jovi Realty

For agents, Jovi Realty presents a competitive advantage with the most affordable commission models and fee structures. 

Our platform is tailored for professionals, providing the tools and resources needed to expand your network, client base, and earnings. 

👉 Revenue Sharing Program: Maximize Earnings

We reward your hard work with revenue sharing on your total annual contributions. Choose to receive this as cash, donate to a charity with a matching contribution from Jovi, or invest in matched marketing efforts. This program boosts your income and offers versatile opportunities for growth, branding, and community involvement.

👉 Commercial Training Program: Get Licensed

Expand your real estate expertise with Jovi's comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Training. This program empowers you to delve into the commercial sector, broadening your portfolio. By adding commercial listings to your portfolio, not only will you diversify your skills but also open new avenues for client relations, enhancing your market appeal and earning potential.

👉 Presales & Assignments: Exclusive Access

Gain a competitive edge through our exclusive relationships with developers, offering early access to the hottest presales and assignment units. This will increase your transaction volume. Plus, we offer a competitive flat deal fee.

👉 Elevate Your Brand: Market-Leading Exposure

Enhance your online footprint with our personal branding resources, including 1-on-1 customized branding sessions. This, combined with our virtual listing websites, online lead generation, and professional marketing materials, will improve your personal brand and client engagement, driving your real estate success forward.

Jovi Realty Agent Offer... MOST AFFORDABLE DESK FEES

We all have our very own unique path in the world. But the hard part, for many, is finding and achieving greatness. Jovi helps aspiring real estate professionals identify their goals, discover their gifts, and map out the path they are destined for.

Combining traditional mentoring with technology, our mission is to unlock greatness and inspire creativity. We provide the platform to design and create the real estate career you want to pursue.

Who provides your expert training?

High performing agents with significant experience and a strong presence in Vancouver offer our advanced agent training.

How do I access these resources?

Register through the form above or call our office at (604) 655-5559 to access our platform for experienced agents.

What resources are available for motivated agents?

Revenue sharing, commercial training, personal branding, and marketing support.

Are there any hidden costs?


When can I get access to these resources?

Immediately. Contact us to get in touch.

How do I join Jovi Realty?

Book a time to chat with one of our Managing Brokers by filling out the form. We'll discuss your goals, business plan, and how we can help get you there faster.

Is there an additional fee for these agent resources?

No, they're free for Jovi Realty agents.


We're one of the fastest-growing brokerages with innovative technology and offer the most competitive fees in the market.

We offer full-scale brokerage services to our agents, including residential, commercial, property management and presales.

Our agents get the best technological and managerial support to help them grow their businesses quickly. Learn more about Jovi by visiting our website.

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Jovi Realty, known for its dynamic growth and innovative strategies, offers you a platform to expand your business with competitive advantages.

Our focus on advanced technology, extensive market knowledge, and 24 / 7 support makes us the preferred choice for agents looking to reach new heights in their careers.

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